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The Leicestershire SEND Hub is a parent carer led organisation for families of children and young people with additional or special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) who live or access services in Leicestershire.

Additional needs may include learning disabilities, mental health needs, physical disabilities, complex or long-term health conditions and other additional needs.   Our role is to be a bridge parent carers and their service providers.  

To connect
Leicestershire SEND Parents, carers and families. Parent carer support groups and voluntary organisations. Neighbouring and National Parent Carer Forums. Service providers – the Local Authority, CCG, NHS other professionals.
To empower

parent carers to enable them to build skills and confidence by supporting, signposting, access to training and networking,

To influence

policies, decisions, and services, through an honest, collaborative approach with our strategic partners. 

Who We Are

About Us

As the accepted parent carer forum for Leicestershire, the SEND Hub plans:

To gather the parent carer voice through surveys, meetings, social media, and projects with strategic partners, share collective lived experiences, concerns, views, and solutions of parent carer members.  To provide a way for parent carer representatives to participate in local decision making and report back through newsletters, our website, and social media.  

To build skills, confidence, and teamwork of parent carers so that together we raise awareness of a wide range of children and family’s needs. 

best practice

To develop a best practice approach to running an effective, sustainable parent carer forum with kindness, mutual respect and trust.

inclusive and representative

The provision of information to inform and empower parents and carers about the issues that affect their families


3To ensure Information is  provided in a range of ways and formats to support the engagement of a wide number of parents and carers. Words and terminology used in documents that are circulated at meetings, presentations and discussions should be kept simple and easy to understand.

Building Bridges between Leicestershire SEND Parent Carers and their service providers

in Education, Health and Social Care


Social Group for SEND Teenagers and Young Adult

All Leicestershire parent carers are welcome to attend our events and most are free of charge.  We plan our events so that they fit with the availability of parent carers, with the majority being held during school hours.  We also try each year to offer events that are either in the evening or at the weekend, to meet the needs those who work.  All parent carers who attend our events are also able to claim expenses in relation to the event, such as travel or childcare costs.

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